Americas Blessing of Independence & Hope

Where is your family from and why did they come to The us?

Have you ever visited the communist nations of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam?

I’ve experienced the honor of traveling to many components of the entire world, and fell in appreciate with the men and women of nearly just about every nation. My heart broke for these who were unable to enjoy the freedoms of alternative and self path that Americans consider for granted each day.

What do you do for a residing? Regardless of whether you are a health practitioner, teacher, mechanic, IT individual, or comprehensive time parent I would envision you chose that path for your lifetime simply because you enjoyed specific features of that operate, and you are equipped to be compensated for it.

What if you experienced no say in the way of your existence, and your long term was entirely dictated to you by the govt?

I can not imagine of a more rapidly way to snuff out the spark of lifetime in one’s eyes than completely eliminating their possess agency from their lives. Sad to say, that is what transpires in communist/socialist nations around the world.

Do you want to move there forever and give up your American freedoms and chances?

Do you want to make The united states into a different China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam?

Your applicant for President in The united states need to have 2 targets:

1) Dedication to escalating the steadiness and energy of their region.

2) The candidate must commit to guard and protect their citizens’ legal rights.

Why do people today depart a state?

-Anxiety of security for by themselves and their relatives from violence.

– Concern of persecution for their beliefs.

– Extraordinary poverty and no alternatives for shifting it.

– Authorities corruption and overreach that stifles individual decisions and advancement and forces conformity.

Are you and your spouse and children on the lookout to import in which they came from to The usa?

What are the distinctions in between their property place and The us?

Your applicant for President in The usa should really have 2 goals?

1) Be devoted to rising the steadiness and power of their region.

2) The applicant must commit to secure and defend their citizens’ rights.

Get the details, assume carefully in advance of you act and vote for President of the United States on Nov. 3, 2020!

I have enjoyed browsing, instructing, and carrying out on my violin and viola in the course of the world. This contains communist international locations. I have constantly been pleased and delighted to come back again residence to The united states and our a lot of blessings and freedoms! It is a real eye opener to see how fortunate we are in America.

We have quite a few possibilities in this article to start out a small business, pick out the perform we would like to do, to have property, pray as we choose, defend our rights to free speech, safeguard ourselves and our residence and house, the right to imagine and share our ideas with other people.

We have very good sanitation, plumbing, drinkable managing h2o, electric power with loos that perform which enable you to clean your hands with cleaning soap and drinking water to maintain germs and sickness from jogging as a result of overall cities.

Following browsing these foreign destinations, I was generally so grateful for the blessings and freedoms of dwelling and functioning in The usa.

“In Communism the govt owns all house and pays its citizens equally. Citizens own practically nothing. The govt chooses your operate and tells you what to do. They personal you! There is no free will!”

Communism/Socialism is regularly thought of in tutorial and media circles as an “every little thing is absolutely free simply because it is a appropriate”. There is no liberty when you count on the governing administration to dictate what you should have.

The American Revolution has stood the take a look at of time since we are reminded that our freedoms appear from God, not gentleman.

Communism gets rid of all your legal rights, your property, your options, your possibilities, and your freedoms. This contains imagining, worship, association.

Birds Eye Perspective on Communism in Russia:

The movie, Moscow on the Hudson” (1984) was published and directed by Paul Mazursky and starred Robin Williams, as Vladimir Ivanoff, a saxophonist with the Moscow Circus who is doing and visiting in New York Metropolis. He decides to defect while browsing at Bloomingdale’s in New York Town. Director Mazursky mentioned the idea for the film came from his individual grandfather emigrating to the United States from Russia.

He claims, “Most Russians, are just hoping to survive. Yet, all Russians who depart their state, go away driving a thing they treasure and appreciate. It is really a terrible conflict for them, so the act of bravery is too much to handle.”

The film opens with Vladimir in Russia living “in a crowded condominium with his extended spouse and children.” Then “he stands in line for several hours to buy bathroom paper and footwear.” It can take so extensive to obtain the rest room paper and shoes that he’s late to rehearsal. Boris, the communist celebration member, KGB,

“criticizes Vladimir for staying late to rehearsal and indicates Vladimir could miss out on the approaching trip to the United States.”. Vladimir straight away fingers around to Boris, the sneakers from the retail store that built him late. Following rehearsal Vladimir goes with his friend to obtain gasoline for his automobile from a “black market seller.”

Following Vladimir defects he has quite a few American citizens who have straight away agreed to aid him. They give him a put to stay with their family members, support him in discovering operate, and a modern American citizen from Cuba who his lawyer.

Blessings of The us: The united states is not perfect, but it is our last beacon of hope!

The united states was crafted on Judeo/Christian values, law and get, righteousness, capitalism, entrepreneurship, and no cost markets. The us is a land of prospects. Our United States Constitution safeguards our freedoms. The framers of our Constitution had been clever adequate to comprehend that our unalienable legal rights did not appear from government or person they came from God. They were being also clever plenty of to develop the Constitution and Invoice of Legal rights to be exclusionary (detailing what Governing administration cannot do, relatively than all the points it could do).

The extremely freedoms that most of us consider for granted like the pursuit of lifestyle, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, flexibility of religion, independence of speech, liberty of the press, flexibility of assembly, and liberty to petition the federal government to suitable wrongs are what make this place great. It is also why this excellent nation of ours is a magnet for men and women from all more than the entire world who answer the “battle-cry of their souls to be free by looking for citizenship.”

Your candidate for President in The usa must have 2 goals?

1) Dedication to growing the stability and toughness of their region.

2) The applicant ought to commit to protect and protect their citizens’ rights.

What is Kristallnacht?

Kristallnacht, (also known as the Night time of Damaged Glass). On November 9-10, 1938, Pogroms, violent riots, (assaults, looting, arson, mass arrests, and death) ended up carried out towards the Jews by SA paramilitary forces (storm troopers) and civilians during Nazi Germany, Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Slovak, Bohemia, Poland, and Moravia. These rioters destroyed, attacked, looted, and demolished Jewish firms, residences, educational institutions, hospitals, and Synagogues with sledgehammers. Immediately after the attacks smashed glass was remaining on the streets.

British historian Martin Gilbert wrote that no party in the history of German Jews in between 1933 and 1945 was so widely documented as it was taking place, and the accounts from international journalists doing the job in Germany despatched shockwaves close to the earth.”

The Occasions of London noticed on November 11,1938: “No foreign propagandist bent upon blackening Germany just before the world could outdo the tale of burnings and beatings, of blackguardly assaults on defenseless and harmless persons, which disgraced that nation yesterday.”

Communism is overall government manage. Breaking down of regulation and purchase, looting destruction, arson, death. Pogroms, Kristallnacht, eradicating statues (erasing record), inculcating the youthful, (mind washing), no accountability, against impartial wondering, in opposition to self-reliance, versus household values, in opposition to faith, against human spirit. Tramples on constitution. Normally takes all your legal rights and freedoms absent.

The place is my household from?

My relatives is from Russia and Hungary where by there were no rights, no decisions, no chances, no absolutely free speech, no suitable to a honest demo. You did what the federal government officers informed them to do. There was no freedom of expression. No possessing of home. There was no option in anything at all. The governing administration decided what your career would be. When you argued to test and shield you, they would throw you in jail and eliminate you.

The united states is the only spot you can go from rags to riches. In other nations if you were born inadequate you stay that way for everyday living. Mark J. Quann, creator, explained in 2017, “Immigrants Are 4 Moments A lot more Probably to Turn out to be Millionaires in America.”

How numerous immigrants get there in the United States every yr? “Additional than 1 million immigrants get there in the U.S. each and every yr. In 2017, the leading country of origin for new immigrants coming into the U.S. was India, with 126,000 persons, followed by Mexico (124,000), China (121,000) and Cuba (41,000).”

Ages 18 or Older: What if what you are staying explained to is Not 100% legitimate? Do you problem what you are instructed and seek to test the truth? Do you educate yourself? Are you accountable for your steps? What is your purpose or desire?

Only in The usa will you be given the prospect to select your desire and get the job done for it!

Rebecca Walser, pro author of “Prosperity Unbroken”, suggests, In America “you are empowered to consider regulate of your life, your destiny, and that is some thing billions of persons do not have.”

Communist China in 2016 experienced a inhabitants of 1.4 billion. “Their citizens had only an average for every capita disposable profits of $3,469 in 2016.” Examine this “to 320 million People in america who experienced $43,536 for each capita disposable once-a-year profits that exact yr.” (Walser, Prosperity Unbroken)

Your applicant for President in The us need to have 2 goals?

1) Be devoted to growing the stability and power of their region.

2) The prospect must dedicate to secure and protect their citizens’ legal rights.

Why have so many hundreds of thousands of folks occur to The united states? The usa is Not Best, but it has options and astounding alternatives that communism does not have!!!!!

These immigrants from Russia, China, Laos, and other international locations who have become citizens of America are “Not begging” to go back to the international locations they have escaped from!

These 5 moreover months of the pandemic and staying homebound has brought worry and stress to America with civil unrest, rioting, looting, and murder. This is a reminder of pogroms in Russia and Kristallnacht, (Night time of Damaged Glass) in Nazi Germany, Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Slovak, Bohemia, Poland, and Moravia.

Believe and get the correct specifics, before you vote for President of the United States on Nov 3, 2020!

Your candidate for President in America should have 2 objectives?

1) Be devoted to growing the steadiness and strength of their state.

2) The candidate should dedicate to shield and defend their citizens’ legal rights.

Try to remember what President Ronald Reagan stated, “Independence is never ever more than one particular era away from extinction… It will have to be fought for, secured, and handed on for them to do the identical.”

Consider and get the legitimate details prior to you vote on Nov. 3, 2020.

Do you want to hold your rights and privileges in The united states or give them up?

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