7 American Presidents Have Uranus in Aquarius in Their Astrology Wheels

When I begun my analysis on all the United states nation and presidents wheels, I was very open-minded about my experiments. I puzzled what the commonalites among the wheels may well be but did not want to begin out with pre-shaped conclusions. I believe it is far too quick to begin with what you “imagine” is suitable, analysis it and perhaps slant your analysis to prove your initial issue. I did not want to do that. Since I am a long time astrologer but not a qualified researcher this may well be regarded as an mistake. Be that as it may possibly, I skipped correct by the hypothesis and went specifically into a spreadsheet of possibilities. I dependable the actual range counts of the chart positions to seize my consideration to place me in the ideal direction and I was not dissatisfied.

Initially I compared the several United states of america beginning wheels that are postulated as “the correct 1.” By working with true occasions in the ongoing background of the nation, I rectified the 4 main decisions and picked Virgo Mounting as the most consultant of our state and the functions it professional. Following I did the exact same method with the 43 presidents until finally I was individually pleased that I experienced the suitable wheels for each. This is a big region for controversy so be informed that other astrologers may well make other choices. I reliable my have research. I then in comparison the region as a living entity with each and every of the presidential wheels. I employed the 13 main astrological details, ascendant, midheaven, lunar nodes and the 10 actual physical bodies: Sunlight, Moon and eight planets. Sure, I count Pluto as a earth and no, Earth is not counted since we are all standing on it. As a exploration regular, I applied conjunctions and opposition facets only with restricted five-diploma orbs.

As I have outlined in previous articles or blog posts, 3 critical influences arrived out of the Usa natal wheel when when compared to the 43 presidents: Aquarius/Uranus, the Mercury-Pluto opposition and Neptune. I have finished individual posts on every to describe their relationship to and their influence on our place. In this article I want to get to back into what I established to be the dominant pattern, the Aquarius/Uranus connections but then glimpse at the best count in a distinctive way.

The Aquarius/Uranus power tends to be distinct, forward looking for or futuristic, unbiased, unique, independence loving, remarkably individualized and mental. Uranus (a planet) alone is in cost of (principles) lightning, earthquakes, explosions and surprises so you can get an effect of its over-all electrical power pattern. The world is deemed the “ruler” (influencer) of the indicator. Aquarius (a indicator) can frequently come to feel like it was dropped off on the incorrect world or that it walks a little out of stage with the mass of humanity. You have listened to the expressing “march to the tune of a diverse drummer” and that describes Aquarius or its ruler, Uranus. An aged nationwide characterization is the familiar fife drum and drawing, which is quite apt. The place and president connections to this Aquarius/Uranus energy exceeded common expectation. A single exciting illustration…

Uranus will take 84 many years to finish one particular orbit all-around our Sunlight as one comprehensive cycle of the twelve zodiac indicators, 7 several years per sign. Notice that there will be time overlap amongst symptoms owing to retrograde movement. It has been 233 many years (at this producing) due to the fact our start so Uranus has traveled by way of the signals practically 3 periods. Consequently it ought to regular out in conditions of the spread of a long time and signals. 43 presidents divided by twelve indications gives an ordinary of 3.6 for each sign. Take note that there are 44 presidencies but only 43 presidents due to the fact Grover Cleveland was elected twice. Uranus was in its home signal of Aquarius for 7 of those people 43 presidents or double the common expectancy. In this article are my observations on those presidents who dwell with the strength of Uranus in Aquarius. Additionally, there are notes on the Founding Fathers who also had Uranus in Aquarius.

Uranus in Aquarius passage selection a person (March 12, 1744 to December 13, 1752)

Not only is Uranus really critical to our place as it is found prominently on the country’s midheaven (mission, goal, ambition, stature – Usa Virgo Climbing wheel). It was in the indicator of Gemini at our delivery, but it assumes prominence by currently being immediately on the midheaven. Using my spreadsheet commonality highest count, 7 of our 43 presidents have Uranus in Aquarius: James Madison, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

President Madison was only 25 years old at the signing of the Declaration of Independence but he had long term President Thomas Jefferson as his mentor. Delegate Jefferson was the key writer of the Declaration of Independence. Both equally adult males ended up instrumental in the creating of the Structure and the Monthly bill of Legal rights (Jefferson was out of the place at that time) that offers People our unique freedoms. Madison is considered the Father of the Structure and our Monthly bill of Legal rights.

Whilst the Groundbreaking War is not ordinarily presented as a civil war, it really was a civil war. That war was based mostly on a split from our mother nation, England, with the colonists (then existing inhabitants) in disagreement with 1 yet another, neighbor versus neighbor and conflict within households, the Tories (staunch British Crown advocates) versus the Revolutionists. The charge to all colonists in phrases of casualties and economics will have to have been equally matched by the awful division in just the populace and the people. The rights that ended up fought for at that time ended up only for Caucasians and only for males. Slavery and women’s rights were tabled for another time, one more battle.

I also seemed at (but did not investigation deeply) which of the other Founding Fathers experienced Uranus in Aquarius. Eleven far more were delegates to the Constitutional Conventions that preceded our Declaration of Independence. 6 had been signers of that Declaration and 5 extra have been current but were not signers,

I also appeared at (but did not research deeply) the second group of Founding Fathers who are alternately called the Framing Fathers, these delegates who turned their attention and endeavours to the style and design and implementation of the Constitution and the Bill of Legal rights that define our region. The Declaration of Independence was particularly the combat for the freedom to construct a state with an supposed Constitution that secured its citizens in their personal freedom. Nevertheless, that Structure had not been written at the time of the Revolution by itself. The constructing of the Constitution was the get the job done of a second team of Founding Fathers so they are alternately called the Framing Fathers. Both of those teams were being instrumental in founding our place and are entitled to the title, but the two teams had rather distinctive careers to do.

President Madison was the president who bridged both difficulties. Twelve other Framing Fathers who did indication the Constitution experienced Uranus in Aquarius in addition to President Madison. Five supplemental Framing Fathers with Uranus in Aquarius went household without having signing the Structure and three delegates refused to sign, a person of which had Uranus in Aquarius. The huge bone of political competition at that time was states’ legal rights. The substantial illustration implies the relevance of that Uranus in Aquarius strength to the unique freedoms that have been remaining birthed and framed. Even so, you will not see this kind of influence in a new child baby. It is existing in the beginning vitality but the fruits of that strength arise in the adults who inevitably started and built our republic.

Uranus in Aquarius passage selection two (February 18, 1828 – February 11, 1836)

A few kids born with Uranus in Aquarius grew into Presidents Garfield, Arthur and Benjamin Harrison. They were being publish Civil War presidents for the duration of the terrible aftermath of that war as the North punished the South and the slave keeping states and territories. The slaves had been freed – but to do what? They were turned unfastened, no training, no help, tiny to no policing, and no vote as offended politicians and carpetbaggers took edge of the weakened South. President Lincoln never ever obtained a possibility to help in the transition from war to peace owning been assassinated soon right after the war finished. It took many years to deliver reasonable buy to the country and civil legal rights remained in disarray. The war had been fought 1) to maintain the integrity of the country, the union by itself and 2) the emancipation of slavery and the extension of the particular person rights we declared in the identify of all men at the time of our Innovative War. The legal rights of ladies were even now not tackled.

Uranus in Aquarius passage number a few (January 30, 1912 – January 22, 1920)

Enter the 1960s and civil legal rights yet again reared its head. A few small children born with Uranus in Aquarius grew into Presidents Kennedy, Nixon and Ford. These had been the presidents of that era (as was Lyndon Johnson, but he does not have sturdy Aquarius/Uranus in his chart his energy pattern was distinct). We experienced just been as a result of the horror tale that Senator Joseph McCarthy had unleashed on our place and its citizens. This was referred to as the McCarthy Hearings relative to suspected communism. If you read through your heritage textbooks you will find the civil legal rights of victims have been nearly non-existent at that time. Politicians and our place have been nonetheless recovering from that abomination of human legal rights regarded as the McCarthy Hearings when these three presidents took business. Restoration of civil legal rights was in the air. At last what our Founding Fathers envisioned and President Lincoln tried to enable took a ahead action on its journey to civil legal rights for persons of all walks of life.

About that time females also took off their aprons to be part of the civil disobedience movements and tradition alterations to petition for their possess rights. These were the war infants all developed up, whose dads experienced gone to war and whose mothers experienced operate the region in the men’s absence. Have you at any time heard of Rosie the Riveter? The ladies realized they could and they did… Then the females ended up explained to to go back again in their households and run their kitchens, for the reason that returning from war victorious their gentlemen would again acquire demand of their lives. Can you see a challenge that may erupt here? It may possibly acquire a minor time, but it will get position… but this time with their lady small children. Equality, fraternity, liberty, and throw away the regulations became the battle cry of the 60’s, I can burn up my bra if I want. I can even go braless. I you should not have to abide by the procedures. Give me my liberty. I am woman. Listen to me roar!

Uranus in Aquarius passage selection four April 1, 1995 – December 30, 2003

Uranus did recently complete yet another 7-yr continue to be in Aquarius, Seven several years of young children born all over the world with the electrical power of independence, uniqueness, civil liberties and particular liberty hard-wired into their extremely currently being. To an American astrologer that indicates that we, as a nation, have probably provided start to an additional batch of presidents or civil services minded people who have the electricity that will after once more function on civil legal rights difficulties. We can not see these new energies in a newborn, but those infants will improve and establish into adults born with Uranus in Aquarius. I do not consider I will are living to see them come to their prospective but I am reasonably specified what some of their concerns will be.

Uranus in Aquarius has provided our region with lots of men and gals who have benefited our push for individuality, uniqueness, forward trying to find, futuristic, social equality and mental procedures, folks of all shades and creeds. Our push as a place is to improved the human condition and to sustain personalized liberty and legal rights. Uranus and the indicator Aquarius does push our nation. It is not only what we do, it is who we are.

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